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Mothers are the second most stigmatized and traumatized persons in a family impacted by substance use and addiction. The first being one or more of our kids. The addiction crisis in America is impacted and has impacted millions of families. Mothers are statistically the most likely to reach out for help. The conversation is ever changing and the landscape of substance use, prevention, treatment and recovery ever evolving. I recently published, The Lay of The Land, a field guide for mothers. It’s a short, less than an hour, read that will orient you and give you a way forward even if you’ve been here awhile.

Recover The Mother is a column covering topics related to mothers of children, young & adult, impacted by substance use, in active addiction and in recovery. I publish a free essay bi weekly with a curated list of what I’m learning and reading right now. I am currently running a research project with the mothers and the impact of addiction in a family on mothers. You can participate here and finishing a book on my pathway to recovery from generational addiction in my family. You’ll be the first to know when its available for preorder.

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I started Recover The Mother because mothers are agents of change in the family system. Mothers deserve better, more concise information & education about addiction and recovery. They need a space that speaks directly to their true mother nature, their intuition and their instincts without all the shame, blame, guilt, chaos & stigma. They need action steps for themselves & their families. They need healing from the trauma of active addiction and the systems of harm that perpetuate it.

I am the Co-Founder & Creator of The Family Recovery Conference and The Family-Rx, the first ever recovery conference specifically for families impacted by substance use and addiction. The conversations continue here on Recover The Mother. I am glad you’re here.

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About Shelly

First and foremost I am Mother to three fascinating humans & a big black lab. My son has been in recovery for seven years, starting when he was 22 at the height of the opioid crisis. It was a five year battle for his life prior to him recovering. When my therapist told me that recovery in my family had to start with my son, I replied, “I think it has to start with me.” I decided I’d start where I was and devote myself to the rigorous work of recovery from the trauma & impact of addiction, then made a commitment to changing the way addiction was treated in my family and creating an environment that would support recovery. I began practicing harm reduction with my son before I even knew what that was.

For more than a decade I’ve studied addiction, brain science, mental health care, addiction policy, treatment and recovery oriented systems of care, harm reduction and the many pathways of recovery. I am an ARISE Certified Interventionist, Family Recovery Consultant, Anatomy of Transformation Guide, Invitation to Change Practitioner and an RYT500 Yoga Teacher. Since 2015, I’ve helped hundreds of families in crisis with intervention and guidance and more than 1000 mothers with coaching, resources and education.

I know that a mother’s love, influence, instincts and bonds are powerful. When a mother is well educated and well supported her influence is compelling. Relationships are powerful.

I am also the Director of Programs for a local non-profit providing free harm reduction and peer support services to individuals and their families. I facilitate a jail based family program and speak at national conferences. Google once asked me what I thought they could do to better help families impacted by addiction and in recovery. I’ll tell that story here. I moved them with story and science the way mothers do.

I love to interrogate systems, find solutions to complex issues and write.

I also love talking with others about these topics Listen to Shelly on the I Love Me Lab with Gail Buck


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Recover The Mother is published weekly. I hope you’ll find comfort, healing, strength, community and actionable solutions here. A Podcast is coming by years end. You can follow me on instagram @thekindinterventionist